Traveling the desert does automatically mean that one is confronted somehow with navigation. I will present some instruments, documents and maps here which were (or are) mainly used for navigation in the desert:


The GPS 75 was followed by the Garmin 12C and since a few years I am the happy owner of a Garmin 60. That's not “state of the art” anymore – but still more than sufficient for me.


My first desert travels were still without GPS. Then, in the mid 1990's we had a quite simple Magellan with us. The first GPS I owned was the Garmin 75, where a set of AA batteries lasted for about four hours only.

LRDG Compasses

Beside the Bagnold Sun-Compass the LRDG (Long Range Desert Group) sometimes also used a P.8 or a P.10 magnetic compass. The latter was originally used in British aircraft.


The Bezard compass was produced in many variants. Here we have one with a stainless steel casing marked DIRECTION. This indicates the French export version of the 1930s.