2014/05 Flugnostalgietag Haslital 2014

An “Oldtimer Fly In” took place at the airbase of Meiringen. At the end, 21 radial-engines were assembled (and also other engines…). Not much was advertised about this meeting, not even in the villages aorund the airbase, and I felt that it would have deserved more visitors. However: I liked it especially since there were not too many visitors…

01.06.2014 10:14 | Kuno Gross

2014 / 05 Sustenpass & Haslital

Sometimes I feel that I have too much focussed on desert landscapes in the last years – no problem though; now I have the chance to re-discover my own Country…

01.06.2014 09:55 | Kuno Gross

2014 / 05 Visti to the Alsace (FR)

It was originally planned to combine the flight with the Beech 18 with a visit to the Alsace. Unfortunately the flight had to be postponed – but the two day's visit to the Alsace was still a great experience.

18.05.2014 21:22 | Kuno Gross

2014 / 04 New Book "L-Birds über der Schweiz"

The new book about the Stinson L-5 is now available and can be ordered either from this website or, who prefers that way, from the online bookdealers – or directly from Antonov Verein Schweiz or CAF Swiss Wing.

L-Birds über der Schweiz

Please check out the details to the new book:

21.04.2014 22:08 | Kuno Gross