2015 / 03 Ticino - San Salvatore

A weekend in March was used to get some relaxing days in Switzerland's southern part, the Ticino. We went to Lugano by train through the Gotthard and stayed in a hotel in the middle of the old city. I made several interesting observations: Against what you can permanently read and hear from media and “online comments” the staff of the hotel was really super-friendly and supportive to the guests. Second: There is probably not one spot in the whole old city of Lugano from where you cannot see the “green cross” of a pharmacy – no clue why they need so many of them. Third: I have never seen so many people with so many small (really small) dogs as here in Lugano. And third: The nearby mountain “San Salvatore” is a truly amazing spot – the 360 degree panoramic view jut knowcks you down. For those who are not really fit to walk up such mountain (ok, it is only something more than 900 m) – there is a step train going up. In short:A really enjoyable weekend.

29.03.2015 07:31 | Kuno Gross

2015 / 02 Egypt - the Nile Delta

I had some days time to “explore” the Nile-Delta in Egypt in Februray. Driving the trinagle Cairo-Alexandria-Port Said-Ismailia and back to Cairo. The trip was uneventful and pleasant. Beside the fact that the miitary is on alert on all strategic positions there were neither bothering roadblocks nor was any other unpleasant experience made durign that short journey. Unfortunately the weather was not really the way I wished it to be: There was a lot of wind and – consequentially- dust in the air. Therefore I have not seen a lot of the “Delta” and since we came in late at night I was not able to see the Suez-Channel although we drove parallel to it from Port Said down to Ismailia. And – after being for the fourth time in Cairo- I have finally managed to see the Pyramides from close distance. A more than impressive view and experience.

29.03.2015 07:18 | Kuno Gross

2015 / 01 Aman - Hedjaz Railways

The Hedjaz Railways became famous by the movie “Lawrence of Arabia”. And it still exists today. If you should be once in Amman then have a look at the old railway station and the museum – in fact, the workshops could also be considered a museum… some of the equipments dates back to 1913 (and is still in working condition).

17.01.2015 11:52 | Kuno Gross

2015 / 01 New Book: Almasy's Ford A

We thought that it would be time to prepare a small pictorial book about the replica of Almasy's Ford A in the Sahara desert. Not much text and for sure not a guideline on how to restore an 1930 Ford A open cab pickup truck but actually a lot of photographs of the vehicle in the desert…

More about the book can be found here: Almasy's Ford A > LINK

01.12.2014 23:43 | Kuno Gross