2015 / 06 Azerbaijan

A short visit to Baku / Azerbaijan in May. The ctiy's face is changing very fast – old buildings disappearing, new fancy sky-scrapers being erected… or at least new fassades on old buildings being applied. It was difficult to get a glimpse of the Baku of a few years ago… Short visits to the natural gas fire of Yanar Dag and the petroglyphes of Gobustan.

13.06.2015 15:02 | Kuno Gross

2015 / 05 New Book: L'exploration du Désert Libyque .... and our TV documentary is available again

There is a new book about the exploration of the “Libyan Desert” between 1900 and 1940.

The author is André Paul Hesse and the book is available from this website – or directly from the author.

More abuot the book can be found here: L'exploration du Désert Libyque

And another good news has reached us from Pacific Screen: Our 2009 TV documentary Lost in Libya is available again. Instead of the time consuming ordering on DvD a direct download was arranged on Vimeo on demand

Have a look at: > LINK: Lost in Libya

09.05.2015 06:39 | Kuno Gross

2015 / 05 Tunisia and some sad news

Let us start with the sad news first: It was confirmed by the Egyptian Authorities that at present and until an undefined date no permits will be granted for journeys as ours to the Western Desert and the Gilf Kebir

We have to accept this decision and in consequence are forced to abandon the idea to retrace the routes of the LRDG in 2015. LINK: 75.LRDG

And a much more positive news: We have spent some totally trouble-free two weeks in the desert of Tunisia. Again with our old Ford model A but this time a colleague with his 42 years old VW Typ 181 had joined us. Below some photographs and here the links to the journey-report:

> LINK: Volkswagen Typ 181

> Journey to Djebel Tembaine

01.05.2015 13:34 | Kuno Gross

2015 / 03 Just some little news

In April 2015 it will be five years since I have returned to Switzerland after 11 years n Libya. I am still deeply interested in all “desert things” but have to admit that the focus has shifted a bit away from North Africa – not at least to the difficulties a traveler has to face in these countries in the recent years… I am looking a bit more after vintage aircraft now – which is also very interesting. However; based on the successful 2013-experience we have planned to bring our old Ford model A (1930) again to the Sahara in April and get some sand under its tyres

Regarding new publications: We are still working on “low flame” on Force E but it does not look like it would be published already in 2015. There is obviously too much distraction by family, other projects and job (I mean that one job out of the many which brings the money to fund the others…)

One of our friends was more active and has published a new book (in German language) – you can find it here: > LINK: Flucht aus Tshikapa


We have got some very positive readers-reviews regardign our recent book Operation Salam on on Amazon. It is such feedback which encourages to publish these books. At this place we wish to thank all our readers who bought one (or several) of our books and provided us with their positive feedback. The reviews can be read here: > LINK: Reviews

29.03.2015 07:54 | Kuno Gross