2015-08 Panzer Unity

Whilst I do not involve myselve in any computer games others obviously do – and I have to admit that what they do looks very well. The hills in the background came from photos I had the chance to take in my time in Libya and they blend very well into the landscape of the computer game. They say, there is still a lot of work to do…

15.08.2015 18:53 | Kuno Gross

2015-07 Marignano 1515

1515-2015: 500 years ago Switzerland was invloved in a lot of wars – smaller and bigger ones and most of the battles were provided with Swiss mercenaries – sometimes fighting on both sides. Marignano 1515 was a turning point: After it was believed that the Swiss cannot be defeated for a long time, they suffered the biggest defeat ever against the army of the king of France (which consisted of German mercenaries to a good part).

15.08.2015 14:19 | Kuno Gross

2015-07 A short visit to the Netherlands

Beside changing an aircraft at Shiphol I had never had the chance to visit the Netherlandes – until the weekend of 17., 18., 19. July. We went to the new Nationaal Militair Museum at Soesterberg, vistided the Early Birds Association and the Aviodrome at the airport of Lelystad and had a close look to the Batavia Werf which is located at the harbour of Lelystad. A truly interesting weekend which I have enjoeyed very much!

21.07.2015 22:33 | Kuno Gross

2015-06 GP Furttal

Amazing how many people maintain old race-cars and are willing to drive them at occassions as the GP Furttal near Z├╝rich.

21.07.2015 22:33 | Kuno Gross