2012 / 02 The Attack on Kufra

It was actually not the intention to look for traces of the “Attack on Kufra” but being at Gialo, I took the chance to get a “then & now” photo. It shows the (that time) only Italian building in the oasis, the “Presidio” where the Italians had installed a water well. Gialo was an important staging point for their operation against Kufra in 1931.

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Another interesting coincidence was that we have seen a very rare Lancia Z armoured car and a Fiat 3000 tank in Cirene / Shahat.

In fact, these were naturally not originalls but remnants of the famous film Omar el-Mukhtar dating back to 1976. The Lancia Z is a quite accurate replica based on the chassis of a Landrover. The Fiat 3000 is a bit less accurate and was built around a Caterpillar.

27.02.2012 05:22 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 02 Green Mountains / Jebel Akhdar

Libya offers many unexpected views to the traveller. In particular the “Green Mountains” will make one believe that he is somewhere else…

27.02.2012 05:14 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 02 Attack on Agedabia

Another trip to Libya in February gave me the chance to make my own picture on what happened in March 2011.

27.02.2012 05:07 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 01 Signs of the Revolution

One week in Tripoli. The city is still the same. But something is different: People talk now without looking around first. The signs of the revolution are still everywhere but life has returned to normal meanwhile.

13.01.2012 18:40 | Kuno Gross