2012 / 03 Sheppard & Almasy

Tom Sheppard was added to the “Friends Section”.

A new cover was created for our ambitious project Operation Salam. The research on this project is completed and the manuscript is now in its final stages.

30.03.2012 18:43 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 03 New Sections

Two new sections were included: Wanted and Navigation

25.03.2012 21:21 | Kuno Gross

2012/03 Recent Book Reviews

The Italian magazine Storia Militare wrote a very positive review about our book Incident at Jebel Sherif. And the March 2012 bulleting of the British Sundial Society presented an enthusiastic review of our book The Bagnold Sun-Compass.

You can find both attached to the description of the books.

24.03.2012 21:36 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 03 Luanda / Angola

Not desert but south of the Sahara and north Kalahari: I have spent some days in Luanda, the capital of Angola. Here some impressions:

24.03.2012 21:05 | Kuno Gross