2016-09 A few days in Munich

Munich is in easy reach from where I live. Used the chance to go there by train since absolutely cheap tickets were offered by the Swiss Federal Railways. The days were calm compared to the Oktoberfest which has started shortly after my visit. My “actual reason” to go to Munich was to get some photos of the Helwan HA-300 supersonic jet. One of the prototypes of the Egyptian aircraft was on display at the Flugwerft Schleissheim. It “was”. The aircraft was not there any more. One of the emplyees explained that it had been moved to the nearby depot of the museum to gain place for a MIG-15 (what sounds more than weird). A second one then knew that it was transferre to another museum but he had no clue to which. Asking a question on the museums website brought no reply… But in the meantime I know that it has been brought to Messerschmitt Stiftung in Manching. It is not listed on their website but there is a video showing the transport. Bad enough. The aircraft at Manchng are accessible for visitors about once a month on a Friday and only for announced groups. Else we had a good time in Munich.

Desert? Obviously not. Except for the Fieseler “Storch” in its “tropical version” as it was used in the Desert Campaign of WWII. But I am not sure if the tone of the color is not too brown… would expect it mor “sand-like”.

02.10.2016 20:21 | Kuno Gross

2016-07 Madrid

The last time I was in Spain was at least 25 years back. Barcelona. This time I went to Madrid – and it was hot. Saturday brought up to 37 degree centigrade. But it was a “cool” trip. As you can imagine, the main reason to go there was old aircraft – but I wont show them here…

Beside the Airforce Museum, if you should be in Madird, you definitely need to visit the Fundacion Infante de Orleans… and “mandatory”: The naval museum.

30.07.2016 19:59 | Kuno Gross

2016-06 Seaplane Meeting Hergiswil

Again Lake Lucerne. This time I visited the Seaplane Meeting at Hergiswil, just in front of the Hotel Pilatus. The weather was not good this weekend – but somehow this is not reflected in my photos. Despite the weather, the fllight in the UC-1 Twinbee was just great. Underneath the wing you can see the hotel Flora Alpina, the one I had spent my time in April…

30.07.2016 19:59 | Kuno Gross

2016-05 My first Visit to Rome

Ok, the actual reason I went to Rome was not the “eternal city” itself but an opening cerenmony for a new vitrine at the Air Force Museum at Vigna di Valle dislaying artefacts of Italian pilots in Libya – but that's another subject and here some views of Rome. The famous places are really full of tourists, an experience of its own…

30.07.2016 19:58 | Kuno Gross