2012 / 08 "Salam", Layout in good progress

I got the first 70 pages of the layout for review from the publisher. I am very happy with it. Still a lot of work to be done but the progress is good.

12.08.2012 22:10 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 08 "Voodoo Treff 2012"

Spent a very nice weekend at the “Voodoo Treff 2012” in the Berner Seeland in Switzerland. Lots of friendly people who like to travel with their vehicles. And the weather was just perfect.

12.08.2012 22:00 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 08 Operation Salam - Progress

The files are with the publisher, were verified and the works on the layout are ongoing now. It will take some time until all the many photos and illustrations are placed…

09.08.2012 21:24 | Kuno Gross

2012/08 Magazines

My recent “Strange Coincidence” about the wreck of the Italian AB 41 armoured car in the museum at el-Alamein has received more attention than I had actually expected. It gave reason to an article in “Le Saharien” and was even published as a whole in the current issue of “Military Magazines International”.

09.08.2012 21:17 | Kuno Gross