2012 / 11 Operation Salam: Layout completed!

It took a bit longer thant we had expected…
But now the layout is completed, last adjustments and corrections made.
We are ready to print.

10.11.2012 17:13 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 11 Allied Submarine Operations in Greece during World War Two

Byron Tesapsides has just published his new book Allied Submarine Operations in Greece during World War Two

For details of the book click here: Byron Tesapsides

01.12.2012 16:10 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 09 Operation Salam, Status of the new Book

The layout of the book has now reached the final stages. Publication date will be in October 2012.

A full transcript of Almasy's diary, Sandstede's memoirs and all the intercepted W/T messages was added to the book.

Some sample pages can be found here under the page introducing the book (go to tab “Books”).

19.09.2012 23:00 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 09 Malta, finally!

I had originally planned to pay a short visit to Malta in July 2008 whilst I was located in Libya. However, the politics of that time hindered me to do so. But finally I have managed to stay two short days on that very interesting island in the Mediterranean. And I guess that it was not the last time…

19.09.2012 21:14 | Kuno Gross