2013 / 04 United Arab Emirates

Another short trip to the “Gulf Region” brought me to the UAE for a few days. Since I am not too much interested in the shiny world of Dubai I was not so much fascinated of it as a lot of visors probably are. But I had the chance to visit the Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi. And this I liked.

07.04.2013 15:21 | Kuno Gross

2013 / 04 Basra in Iraq

I had never been to Iraq before that short trip. And I have to admit that I did not see a lot of the Country and its people. My impressions were rather captured out of the window of an armoured car.

07.04.2013 15:20 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 03 Cairo

When I had visited Cairo for the first time in October 2010, I was actually convinced that I would not really want to do that again. Too noisy, too crowded, too much traffic, too much dust. Two and a half years later, the city was even more crowded and suffered from more traffic – but I was there again. I had some two days to see some places of interest for me – as one can assume, these were not the Pyramids. I had concentrated on buildings and places of the late 19. / early 20. Century and on museums. Actually, I think I have to come again – but then I should be better prepared.

18.03.2013 19:06 | Kuno Gross

2013 / 03 Ice cold in Alex

Last week I had been in Trpoli, Libya, at “Algeria Square” where the final scene of the famous movie “Ice cold in Alex” was shot. Unfortunately no cold beer was served there anymore so that I thought it would be high time to go to Alexandria, Egypt, to get that beer. More by accident than by real planning it happended that only two weeks after my visit to Tripoli I sat in a restaurant in Alexandria and finally got my ice cold beer served there. I did actually not spend a lot of time in Alexandria but was happy to see that the old Bedfords are still in a wide and daily use, even a fairly old Ford attracted me – a nice sight beside ol these modern “one as the other” cars made in Korea and China…

18.03.2013 19:07 | Kuno Gross