2013 / 09 Flugausstellung Hermeskeil

Despite the very bad weather, it was always worth to visit the Flugausstellung Hermeskeil. It displays about 100 aircraft, some of the very rare ones, and I presume that it is the biggest collection of aircraft in all Germany – and it is a private museum.

I know – it seems that photos of aircraft are slowly outnumbering those related to the desert. But before I change the title of the website: The next journey to the Sahara is planned for October…

21.09.2013 18:16 | Kuno Gross

2013 / 09 Oldtimer Fly In Hahnweide

On 7 September we attended the “Oldtimer Fly In Hahnweide”. Although the weather forecast was not really promising – once there, no sign of bad weather was seen any more. Hahnweise consists only of a small grass landing strip but it was crowded by about 300 A/C and thousands of people. In fact, I felt that the “Fly In” has grown too big in the meantime and I actually did not enjoy it since there were just too many people… at least for my taste.

21.09.2013 17:30 | Kuno Gross

2013 / 08 A Week in Morocco

It was already back in 2005 when I had visited this beautiful Country for the last time. Now I had the nice chance to go there for another week – this time to Oujda in the northeast of the Country – directly at the (closed) border to Algeria. I admit that I was not really looking for old cars but I “met” two of them: An old Bedford TJ which is probably the most famous truck of Morocco and known under its name the Red Lion of the Atlas and antother truck – it looks as if it would be a Dodge M37 of the 1950s but… the loading bay is fairly different. I did not yet find it out…

31.08.2013 18:33 | Kuno Gross

2013 / 08 Russel McGuirk's new Publication

Russel Mc'Guirk, the author of Sanusi's Little War has published a new book.

Check it out here: Light Car Patrols 1916-19

20.08.2013 22:22 | Kuno Gross