2013 / 10 Tunisia

It was already five months ago since I had visited Tunisia for the last time. Then it was with the old aircraft – this time with the ferryship and by car. Two relaxing but interesting weeks in the desert and in the oases…

23.10.2013 08:32 | Kuno Gross

2013 / 11 New Book: Flugreise nach Nordafrika
Flugreise nach Nordafrika

The new book: Flugreise nach Nordafrika. is published now. The content is about our recent journey with an Antonov An-2 from Switzerland to Tunisia. Have a look…

29.09.2013 00:57 | Kuno Gross

2013 / 09 The Books of Jonathan Pittaway

If you are interrested in the Rhodesian and South African Special Forces you will sooner or later meet Jonathan Pittaway. He’s an always helpful person and he provided endless assistance when we produced Incident at Jebel Sherif. Jonathan has already published three books and is working on several more about Special Forces of Southern Africa.

Jonathan Pittaway's Books:

Find more information about Jonathan Pittaway's books.

28.09.2013 16:20 | Kuno Gross

2013 / 09 Antonov An-225 Mirya
The mighty Antonov

Ok, it is now the third article about aircraft in sequence – and none of them has anything to do with “Desert”. The next article will be avout “Desert” again – but now have a look at that:

Klick on the photo

24.09.2013 22:39 | Kuno Gross