Flight with a Beech 18 - do you want to join?

For May / June 2014 we have planned to conduct one or two flights with a 1959 Beechcraft Model G18S probably starting from the airfield of Habsheim near Mulhouse in France. Who is interested to join is kindly requested to drop me an email. Further information (in German language) are placed here under *Events”.

Flying with a Beech 18

More information here.

10.12.2013 22:06 | Kuno Gross

2014 / 03 A short visit to Tripoli

I had the occassion for a short visit to Tripoli by middle of March. Although there was no chance (better said time) for travelling around I could not “avoid” to take some photographs

25.03.2014 08:33 | Kuno Gross

2014 / 03 New Book: Schwerverkehr in Libyen

Our friend Ralf Koch has published a new book: Schwerverkehr in Libyen. It has become a really heavy volume, 2 kilo in weight, 360 pages A4 and nearly 1'200 photographs of trucks in Libya. Have a look into the details…

Schwerverkehr Libyen

More details about the book can be found here.

25.03.2014 08:09 | Kuno Gross

2014 / 02 "Faucon du Desert", Vol. 5 Nowgorod

This April will see the publishing of volume 5 of Franz Zumstein's “Desert Falcon”. It will be in French language again (but volume 4 will be published in the same month in German language).

Franz Zumstein's Comics

Have a look at the comics of Franz Zumstein

23.02.2014 18:42 | Kuno Gross