2014/07 Day of the open door at Speck-Fehraltorf (CH)

For the 'day of the open door” at the landing ground Speck-Fehraltorf I had the chance to fly there with the Stinson L-5 of the -CAF Swiss Wing_. We spent a nice and interesting day in a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

06.07.2014 22:49 | Kuno Gross

2014/06 Northern Italy

A nice week spent in Northern Italy… focussing a little bit on aircraft. The Idroscalo in Como and the Museo Gianni Caproni in Trento.

06.07.2014 22:45 | Kuno Gross

Next Year: 75. Anniversary of the LRDG

Only men who do not mind a hard life, with scanty food, little water and lots of discomfort, men who possess stamina and initiative, need apply.

(From the initial British Army Circular, North Africa, summer 1940, seeking volunteers for the Long Range Patrol that what would become the Long Range Desert Group)

75. Anniversary of the LRDG

Please klick the symbol to the right:

03.07.2014 06:48 | Kuno Gross

2014/05 Flugnostalgietag Haslital 2014

An “Oldtimer Fly In” took place at the airbase of Meiringen. At the end, 21 radial-engines were assembled (and also other engines…). Not much was advertised about this meeting, not even in the villages aorund the airbase, and I felt that it would have deserved more visitors. However: I liked it especially since there were not too many visitors…

01.06.2014 10:14 | Kuno Gross