Authors & Friends

On this page I listed people and authors to whom I have a relation. Either they were co-authors of one of the books presented on this side or we were in contact for other reasons, mainly about “desert related” subjects.

Please check out the books and publications of these authors and friends of mine.

Gyllenhall, Lars & Norén, Karl-Gunnar

Thursday, November 29, 2012. Today the first book in Swedish about the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) will be officially released by Fischer & Co in Stockholm. I am now very much looking forward to soon meeting and celebrating with my co-author and others who made the book possible.

Ghost Patrol, as the title translates, is also the first book about WWII in Africa that I have written, partially that is. Karl-Gunnar Norén is the main author and has lots of African experience and has already written several books about Africa. The above photo by Toby Savage was taken during his and Karl-Gunnar´s “2300-mile Sahara epic”. To see more photos by Toby, visit his website.

Karl-Gunnar has done what no Swede has done before, reenacted a LRDG patrol where they actually took place, in a 1943 vintage jeep, LRDG style. The book is both about the LRDG story and what it was like for Karl-Gunnar, incidentally born also in 1943, to drive in their tracks. As for me, I have only visited the former LRDG HQ in Cairo.

Ghost Patrol is dedicated to Toby Savage and LRDG veteran Bill “Swede” Anderson. The latter is very much the reason for my interest in the unit.

Well, here we go, Karl-Gunnar!


The English translation of the book is expected to be completed by 2016 – but the Swedish version can be obtained from here: Order book