2015: 75. Anniversary of the LRDG

2015-05-01: It was confirmed by the Egyptian Authorities that at present and until an undefined date no permits will be granted for journeys as ours to the Western Desert and the Gilf Kebir

We have to accept this decision and in consequence are forced to abandon the idea to retrace the routes of the LRDG in 2015.

On 23 June 1940 General Wavell agreed with Ralph Bagnold in the formation of the Long Range Patrol which later became the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG). With the acquirement of vehicles, equipment and personnel, training was undertaken in July – August 1940. The first mission was two trucks and seven men on 5th August, but the first operation as a unit began on 5th September 1940. Soon, 75 years will have passed since and we thought that this would be reason enough to commemorate this first of the Special Forces in the Desert War.

Only men who do not mind a hard life, with scanty food, little water and lots of discomfort, men who possess stamina and initiative, need apply.

(From the initial British Army Circular, North Africa, summer 1940, seeking volunteers for the Long Range Patrol that what would become the Long Range Desert Group)

No details are fixed yet. But the idea is to have an expedition in the*Western Desert* of Egypt. Starting from Cairo to el-Alamein, crossing the Qattara Depression to Siwa. Then south via “Big Cairn” through the Sand Sea until the Gilf Kebir. Exploring as many as possible of the famous locations and visiting the wrecked trucks which are now witness of the recent history. The return journey will probably be via the oases of Dakhla and Baharia back to Cairo.

If you should be seriously interested to join such expedition then please let me know and I shall keep you posted about the developing planning.