E Force, Attack on Jalo

The forgotten Desert Operation

This book brings back to light the achievements of Force 'E' and its formidable commander, Brigadier D.E. Reid and puts them into the context of the bigger events “Operation Crusader” that unfolded in parallel in November 1941. The operations of Force 'E' are widely overlooked in the literature related to the Desert Campaign of World War II but it is a riveting story waiting to be retold.

The core of this book is the report by the Joint Historical Section of the former Indian Army and It appears to the authors that the operation brought the spirit of the North-West Frontier of India to the Western Desert of Africa. Men of the 3/2 Punjab Regiment who had spent much of their lives patrolling the mountains and valleys of what today is Pakistan and Afghanistan, were used to working in small columns, far away from their base, and deep into the hostile, and forbidding territory.

The book is planned to be published in autumn 2016

Whilst it was originally planned to publish a small booklet of something like 65 pages, the research on the subject has brought to light a wealth of new information, in particular also from the Italian side. This has brought us to about 150 pages plain text until now and we are still not at the end…

In the meantime we have also increased the format of the book, from the original 17×22cm we went to 19×27cm since we think that this suites much better to the grown dimension of the book.

We thank you for being patient.

We are still looking for relevant historical photographs of this desert operation. Further we are looking for historical photographs of the Jalo oasis in Libya.

If you think that you could contribute something to the project or if you have a particular interest in it – please address to info@desertstories.org