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In case of any question or other reason you may have, please use below email address to contact me:

Information to Buyers of our Books


  • Please note that you cannot obtain all books listed here from desertstories but only those which are listed under “Books” and are for direct sale. The other publications listed under “Friends” are not available from this site.
  • If books should be sold out some time might be needed to arrange a new print-run.
  • Please understand that we are not in the position to deliver books against an invoice. We can only accept advance payment, either in cash, by credit card or preferably by using PayPal.

Museums / Organisations

  • If you are a museum or an organisation interested to obtain our books for your members or your bookshop please contact us for terms and conditions.

Bookshops / Resellers

  • If you are a bookshop or a reseller and interested in our books please contact us by email for terms and conditions.
  • Please note that we are not in the position to give an additional commercial discount if your order is less than 5 books of each title.


  • If you order our books from desertstories, they will be shipped from Germany by ‘Deutsche Post’ or by DHL. Dispatch is normally about once a week.
  • We have two excmptions at present: Shipments to Switzerland will be posted directly in Switzerland and for our book “Incident at Jebel Sherif” we have a sales point in New Zealand which serves New Zealand and Australia.

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