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Oldtimers in Cairo

I don’t know if there are a lot of old cars in Cairo. One may get this impression since it is not really a rare view to come across an old vehicle in this city. However, one should not forget that Cairo is just huge and that there is a countless number of cars jamming the roads each day. I presume that the number of old cars compared to the total number of vehicles in the traffic is not higher than at other places in the world. What I could not manage to find out is why some cars were parked on the roadside many years (maybe even decades) ago and obviously just forgotten – but never removed despite the fact that parking space is very precious in Cairo.

[From top left to down right]

  • Mercedes W110 (1961 – 1968)
  • Unknown
  • UAZ 3303 (UAZ452D) “Golovastik” (1965 – ongoing production)
  • Ford Prefect (1949 – 1953)
  • Fiat 2300 (1961 – 1968)

If somebody could identify the two cars where I don't know the types – please drop me a note.

22.03.2013 20:13 | Kuno Gross

Oman - the Grandsons of the LRDG

I was quite surprised to see vehicles in Oman looking as if they would be a today's variant of the LRDG patrol trucks. But naturally; the Country has vast desert areas and borders to patrol and therefore the tasks and duties of its army are somewhat similar to those we know from the Desert Campaign of WWII.

The troop carriers are Toyota Landcrusier FZJ 79 and the patrol vehicles are heavily modified Toyota Landcruiser FJ 75

12.01.2013 10:09 | Kuno Gross

Commando Comics

Commando Comics have just celebrated their 50th. anniversary. I had “discovered” them some years ago and started to look out for Special Forces issues – related to the LRDG and the SAS in the Desert Campaign of WW2. Since I am interested in that subject I had started to collect them – not in a fanatic way but just buying them then and now when I stumbled about one. In the meantime quite a number have accummulated and I feel that I have most of them.

What is the price you have to pay for such comic? I would say that it is as usual depending on how old it is, it can rise up to some GBP. But actually (if you are a bit patient) you should find them for only little more than one GBP. I for myself think now I have enough of them. So whoever may look for such comics will not be my competitor in the auction.

Seen below is the cover of an early issue of 1964: The Raiders

And this is my little collection – enjoy:

I don't know, which one was first but there is also another comic-series called War Picture Library:

13.10.2012 15:42 | Kuno Gross

Museum Samuel Heuer, Studen / BE (Switzerland)

I just wanted to share with you some impresisons of my yesterdays experience made at the privatly owned museum of Samuel Heuer in Studen / Switzerland. 82 years old Heuer and his team of volunteers keep all their vehicles roadworthy (and he insists tat his aircraft would still be ready to take of – if he would have a runway available):

unfortunately the museum does not have its own website

23.09.2012 15:32 | Kuno Gross