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Antonov An-225 Mriya

On 24 September 2013, the Antonov An-225 came to Zuerich (ZRH) for the very first time. It is quite easy to see the biggest aircraft of the world from the visotors terrasse but I was very lucky today: I could obtain a badge which allowed me to join a group of special guests and to see the aircraft from very close distance, even from the inside. Here some photos:


Role Strategic airlifter
National origin Soviet Union / Ukraine
Manufacturer Antonov
First flight 21 December 1988
Status In service
Primary user Antonov Airlines
Produced 1988
Number built 1
Developed from Antonov An-124


Crew: 6
Length: 84 m (275 ft 7 in)
Wingspan: 88.4 m (290 ft 0 in)
Height: 18.1 m (59 ft 5 in)
Wing area: 905 m2 (9,740 sq ft)
Aspect ratio: 8.6
Empty weight: 285,000 kg (628,317 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 640,000 kg (1,410,958 lb)
Fuel capacity: 300000 kg
Cargo hold – volume 1,300m3, length 43.35m, width 6.4m, height 4.4m
Powerplant: 6 × ZMKB Progress D-18 turbofans, 229.5 kN (51,600 lbf) thrust each


Maximum speed: 850 km/h (528 mph; 459 kn)
Cruising speed: 800 km/h (497 mph; 432 kn)
Range: 15,400 km (9,569 mi; 8,315 nmi) with maximum fuel; range with maximum payload: 4,000 km (2,500 mi)
Service ceiling: 11,000 m (36,089 ft)
Wing loading: 662.9 kg/m² (135.8 lb/sq ft)
Thrust/weight: 0.234

24.09.2013 22:29 | Kuno Gross

Antonov An-2

I would not dare to say that the Antonov An-2 is a beautiful aircraft. But it has something… in September 2013, eight of them were assembled at the Oldtimer Fly In Hahnweide in Germany. Here some photographs:

21.09.2013 18:03 | Kuno Gross

Land Rover 1981

I have recently obtained an old Land Rover brochure. Printed in french language for the Swiss importer STREAG in 1981. 32 years have passed since and the world has changed a lot – also for 4×4 vehicles…

Most interesting is the price list:

  • For the Range Rover it was possible to get the version of Monteverdi as well – although to a considerably higher price than the original.
  • For the Land Rover 109 one could purchase the “Montagesatz F-2E” at the cost of CHF 1'000.- and then get a “Bundessubvention” of CHF 4'500.-…

24.08.2013 14:10 | Kuno Gross

Commemorative Air Force - Swiss Wing

The Commemorative Air Force Swiss Wing does not have as many “warbirds” as their American parent organisation. In fact they only fly a single Stinson L-5 “Sentinel”. But this aircraft is a true warbird, manufactured in 1943 and they fly it in a more than immpressive way.

The below photographs were taken at the occassion of Convoy to Remember 2013:

Commemorative Air Force - Swiss Wing

CAF Swiss Wing is a relatively young and small – but very active part of the famous Commemorative Air Force.


09.08.2013 22:48 | Kuno Gross