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Land Rover for Fishing

Land Rovers are a very rare view in the Sultanate of Oman. Unfortunately. There is one exception – the Mazira island, where they are mainly used for fishing, respectively to push the fishing boats up the flat beaches. Amazing that those old vehicles still carry on to do their “salty duty” after so many years…

14.12.2013 17:40 | Kuno Gross

Pilatus PC 6 Porter

Development on the PC 6 Porter started in 1957 and on 4. May 1959 the first prototype took off. Since December 1959 this aircraft is in production and until today nothing better came up – after nearly 55 years!

Below a brochure printed in the “German Democratic Republic” in 1966. Surprisingly it is a pure technical brochure and no political statements are made; not even a statement that there is a Sovjet aircraft of similar capacity as the Porter.

And to come back to the topic “desert”: Here the Porter HB-FLE of Zimex Aviation in Libya (2007). The location of this provisional landing strip is some kilometres south of Giarabub at the northern edge of the Calanscio Sand Sea.

04.01.2014 20:28 | Kuno Gross

Lawrence of Arabia

Peter O'Toole passed away in December 2013. Here a big variety of cinema posters of the movie which made him famous:

19.12.2013 23:40 | Kuno Gross


Not much to say. The little Scorpion obviously did not like to be photographed and did what he could to dig in to the sand…

20.12.2013 09:51 | Kuno Gross